Hanger Sizing Chart

Part of selecting the right hanger is knowing what size to order. The right size hanger will support your garments without causing slippage, slouching, or stretching.

Measuring is especially important for tailored dresses, coats and suits. To select the right size hanger, measure across the back of the garment, arm seam to arm seam. Select a hanger wide enough to properly support the shape of the garment. You do not want the hanger to stretch and pucker the arms or to cause molded shoulders to slouch.

You can also select which of our plastic hangers will work best for you based on clothing size.
  • Men's suits, coats, XL sizes, and plus size clothing usually will need a 17", 18", or 19" hanger. We also offer a 21" rubber foam bendable display hanger that can be bent to fit oddly shaped or extra wide garments.
  • Basic sized men's and women's clothing usually requires a 16" or 17" hanger.
  • Women's petite clothing, along with young men's or misses sized clothing, use a 15" or 16" hanger. Teen and junior's sized clothing also work well with these hangers.
  • Children's hangers range from 10" to 14". Infant and toddler sizes 0-3 years use a 10" hanger. 3-8 years use a 12" hanger. Size 9-early teens use a 14" hanger.