Retailers Guide to Hangers

    Studies have shown that when a customer enters a store, they quickly scan featured displays, and then immediately start looking at and picking up clothes that are hanging. They often bypass folded clothes and accessories until they have browsed the hanging merchandise first. So, it is very likely that your hangers could be the first thing that a customer sees, touches, and feels when they walk into your store.

    Think about what an impact something as seemingly benign as your hanger choices could have on your store and brand image. Customers are taking mental notes about everything in the store when they come in. They are looking, feeling, and figuring out answers to their own questions about quality, price, style, selection, and more. It is when their questions are satisfactorily answered that they will start to consider a purchase. So, shouldn't the first thing they see and touch be something that mirrors your image and commitment to quality and style?

    When you start thinking about which hangers meet your needs and your budget, there are lots of things to consider. You need to make sure, first, that the hangers correctly answer the questions that your target market will be asking.

    If you're in a high end boutique or department store known for carrying elite brand names, then customers will be expecting higher prices and superior quality. In this case, you should use wooden retail hangers, preferably with your logo or brand names embossed on the hangers. You can save money without sacrificing the image of quality using the highest quality plastic hangers or retail grade acrylic hangers that are shaped to display your merchandise in a pleasing and aesthetic way.

    There are a wide range of plastic hangers available to retailers and they all meet different needs. If you are looking to stock a large department store that offers name brand merchandise, but at a discount, you can use a higher end plastic or acrylic hanger that lets people know that "the merchandise is high quality, but you're going to get a good price". Thin, lightweight plastic hangers are sometimes called "shipping hangers" because they do not weigh much and can save money when you're going to ship merchandise. These hangers are also an economical choice when you want to send hangers home with you customers.

    Above all, your hangers, whether you choose the lightest weight plastic shipping hanger or the high end crystal clear acrylic hanger, should display your clothing in a positive light. Clothing should hang straight, wrinkle free, and shouldn't shift around on the hanger. It doesn't matter if you're a high end retailer or a discount shop, neat and orderly retail displays let your customer know that you care, and that is a powerful idea to convey.