What's in your Closet?

Did you know that the hangers you choose can not only make your closet or retail store look neat, tidy and organized, but can also protect your clothing from wrinkles and damage? A small investment in the right hangers can save you from the hassle and cost of constantly replacing clothing torn and snagged by broken or rough-edged hangers. You can improve the look of your closet, protect your inventory or wardrobe, and save your hard-earned money by stocking your closet or retail store with our high quality hangers.

Make sure that the hangers you choose will fulfill your needs.
Our high quality resin, acrylic and plastic hangers are meticulously designed to serve specific purposes. Choosing hangers designed to meet certain requirements for correctly hanging different types of garments and fabrics will help you to correctly and safely display clothing; whether you are using them in a retail store or in your home closet. Avoid slippage, puckering, stretching, and snagging by carefully selecting the right hanger for your needs.

Choose the right hanger for each type of clothing that you need to store or display.
Check out our "Shop by Clothing Type" section to see which hangers are best for unique types and styles of clothing. We have a wide variety of light and heavyweight plastic hangers that are sure to suit your specific needs.

  • Choose a heavier gauge hanger with the curvature, length and width recommended for your suits and coats. We offer several plastic suit hangers that are sure to keep your suits and coats looking sharp. You will no longer have to worry about suits being damaged by inadequate hangers that cause sagging and drooping around the shoulders. Our plastic coat hangers are made to hold your heaviest coats and suits without breaking.
  • We have delicates hangers and lingerie hangers that hold tight, but are gentle on delicate fabrics. These are perfect for retail displays or for keeping delicates protected and organized at home.
  • Our line of children's plastic hangers is perfect for all sizes of children's clothing. Protect delicate infant and kid's clothing by using smaller hangers designed for small necks and shoulders. These are available in a wide variety of lengths and styles so that you can get exactly what you need.
  • Use plastic pants hangers to keep pants and skirts wrinkle free while looking great on the rack or in your closet. Our clips are designed to hold pants and skirts of varying weights and widths, without snagging or tearing even delicate fabrics.
  • Our plastic coordinate hangers are great for saving space in the closet or on the rack. You can pair tops and bottoms with these practical hangers, saving you time and money. These are some of our most popular hangers because they are so versatile. Coordinate plastic hangers are a sensible and economical choice for retail or home users.